Madeleine Elliott is an editorial photography team made up of two distinct artists. With backgrounds in multiple disciplines of art, both Madeleine and Elliott bring a unique and experienced skillset to each client.

Madeleine's background as a fine art painter combined with Elliott's career as a Lighting Designer in both the Editorial and Motion Picture world, offer a new approach to capturing impactful imagery. Intentional framing, curated palettes, and nuanced lighting are some of the perfected qualities brought to each clients work. With a combined 18 years of experience, Madeleine Elliott have worked across the world in places such as NYC, Los Angeles, Paris, and Beijing.

With an emphasis on physical media, Madeleine Elliott bring an experience that places the importance on the current moment and shys away from modern clichés. With packages offering film, custom prints, and traditional darkroom contact sheets, clients are encouraged to connect with older traditional practices.