Planning for your Engagement Session

Our engagement sessions are all about capturing the unique moments that illustrate the love you share. We want to foster an environment that lets you embrace your individuality as a couple, allowing those special quirks and connections to shine through in the photos. While there will be times that are posed and thoughtful, most of our time will be spent enjoying each others company to really capture those in between candid moments. We can hang out on the porch with a bottle of wine, trek through white sands, stand under a waterfall, run around the desert, explore a new landscape, or watch the sunrise at the coast— whatever speaks to you the most as a couple. The gallery we deliver should authentically be you so you can reminisce on this special time in your life either together or with family and friends. 


We aim to schedule our sessions Mondays through Thursdays. Weekdays allow for less crowded sidewalks, quieter parks , and more intimate locations that help us stay grounded in the moment. If this is not possible for you, we usually have several weekends available through out the year if we book in advance. We love taking a trip out of the city or choosing locations that are out of the normal crowded tourist destinations. Sessions typically last around two hours, with a preference for late afternoon light, starting approximately 2-3 hours before sunset.


We believe that the best photos happen in places that hold sentimental value to you. Consider locations that align with your hobbies, passions, or places where you've made special memories. Whether it's a cozy coffee shop, a block in your favorite neighborhood, an art museum, or an outdoor market, the best locations are a mix of the quirky and obscure.

We recommend one to two locations per session. We can either walk to the next location, allowing for candid shots along the way, or we can use a car to get to the next location. However, keep in mind we don’t want to lose 30 minutes in a car during the best light. We will help create a timeline that serves the best locations and light.


Choosing outfits is an essential part of preparing for your session. Think of it as dressing for the same event; you want to complement each other without looking too coordinated. Timeless neutrals always look great in photos but the most important thing is to feel comfortable and yourself. Bring that unique vintage piece to add a touch of personality. Feel free to bring multiple options, however we will need to coordinate when and where to change. For those shooting in NYC, comfortable shoes are a must. We'll be doing a lot of walking and changing shoes frequently can disrupt the flow of candid moments. 

What to bring

To keep the focus on intimate, in-the-moment photographs, we recommend bringing only essential items like keys, phone, and a water bottle. You can put these small items in our bag, allowing you to move freely without worrying about a bag getting in the way. 


To ensure a relaxed and enjoyable session, try to arrive a bit early. Being well-fed and minimizing stress are key to starting our time together well for getting genuine and comfortable shots. These sessions will feel more like friends hanging out then arriving for a photoshoot, so try not to put too much stress on yourself leading up to the scheduled time.