The Experience

Our Approach

We believe that simple, impactful, and beautiful moments are all around us waiting to be seen. Learning to slow down and be open to finding those moments is our daily practice and why we pick up a camera. The lens opens your eyes to the fleeting glances, small sparks of wonder, and beauty in the everyday. This belief is what drives our creative practice in not only photography but painting, music, and relationships. We want to take this practice and capture timeless moments that can have a lasting impact on your family and the generations to come.

Being a photography team made up of two individual artists, we find a balance between a thoughtful and intentional practice while still delivering a boutique client experience. Having two unique and experienced leaders gives us the time to create a calm, slow, and relaxing environment while still being able to be on the hunt for elevated and impactful imagery.

35mm & 120mm

Film Collections

We want to deliver timeless and classic photos that feel like they came right out of your grandmothers photo book. Photographs that should be printed, framed, and celebrated rather than sit inside a phone. We feel that film is the perfect way to add the nuance and intention behind your celebration and try to offer it with every package.

While we will always shoot digital, film holds a firm grasp on our creative process and how we like to capture a day. It can offer a nostalgic, warm, and textured aesthetic but thats not why we love it so much. In reality, all of the textural elements can be achieved by editing digital images. What cant be replicated is the process and the way it makes you feel. With its unpredictability and no way to see immediate results, it makes you focus on what is happening around you rather than what you just captured. Film can slow you down and in turn reveal moments that may have been missed. Combine that with the inherent qualities of the medium and you get a recipe for magic. 

Film shouldn’t feel daunting or confusing, it’s actually a very approachable medium and has been the standard of image making for generations. We mainly shoot on Kodak Portra 400 & 800 in both 35mm and 120mm for our color work and on the classic Illford HP5 for all of our B&W. 35mm is the classic choice, known for its smaller frame size and has the familiar vintage aesthetic of your parents photos. 120mm provides a much larger negative and with that comes stunning clarity and depth, making it perfect for portraits and all the detailed landscapes. The gallery below gives a good idea of what both formats have to offer. We use a very reputable print house in NYC to develop all of our film (@phtsdr) and then scan everything in house to retain control over every step of the process. 

FAQ & Answers

What is required to reserve our date?

Whenever you’re ready to book, we’ll send you an online booking proposal that will let you select your package, sign the contract, and pay the deposit. Your date will be secured upon delivery of the signed contract and deposit.

Do you travel for weddings or sessions?

Yes! Traveling is one of our biggest sources of inspiration and something we put a priority on every year. There is no limit to the places we can go and we would be happy to make your destination a reality.

How many images will we receive?

We are reluctant to put a number on it as every wedding and session is different based on hours of coverage as well as how the day naturally unfolds. However we usually average 400-600 images per wedding, and 70-100 per session.

How long before we receive our images?

Your photos will be posted online 6-8 weeks in an online gallery for you to share with family and friends to view and buy prints. We’ll also send download instructions for your high resolution files for you to print from, share, post on Instagram and social media. We’d love for you to share your images, we only asked to please not edit or modify them or use them for commercial purposes.

How involved are you in the process?

We love getting to know our clients and understand who they are as individuals and a couple. A questionnaire is sent right after booking that helps us learn the little things. We also encourage several video chats or in-person meetings to ask more questions and start a friendship that we hope to establish before your day. Creating that bond helps everyone feel familiar and more comfortable which results in the best images. All of that to say, we will be as involved as you would like!

Do you offer video coverage?

We do not offer any video services, only photography. If that is something you are interested in we would be happy to send some recommended vendors.

Are we able to book just one of you instead of both?

That is not an option as we only work as a team. We believe what we have to offer together is what makes our approach and style unique. 

How many Color vs B&W will we receive  in our gallery?

Your gallery will include an even mix of color and black and white photos.