Hello! We want to start by thanking you for placing your trust in us to capture your celebration. We are honored to be included and can't wait to discuss all the details that go into the planning process. We have put together this guide to help you navigate through some general details including outlining what is to come, what should be expected, and a little detail on how we like to work.

In order to create our best work, we like to think of ourselves more as guests with cameras rather than photographers. This photojournalistic approach allows us to find all the candid and in between moments. We want every image delivered to feel intimate, natural, and worthy of printing. This approach only works with the right amount of preparation and intention. A solid timeline based around location scouts, study of light, and most importantly, conversations with you, help create the right environment for beautifully captured memories. The more we get to know about you and your relationship, the more we are to be able to create intimate and timeless photographs.

The dust has settled and the confetti has been swept away. Film has been sent to the lab, hard drives have been backed up, and the work begins. A preview gallery with a select few digital images will be sent to you within 10 days. A full, high res gallery will be available via a private link after 8 weeks. You will be able to view, download, or order prints from this link. If you purchased a film collection, these images will also be included in this gallery. Custom film prints can be made by contacting us.

If you ordered an album, you will be able to start making your selects and confirm the order with us. We will take these selects and start the design process, sending you a first draft within 3 weeks. A total of 3 rounds of edits can be made before there are additional charges. Once everything is officially confirmed, the album/albums will be printed and shipped within 4 weeks.

Image Delivery


Now it is time to sit back and relax. The prep has been done, the details have been taken care of, and your family and friends have arrived. We are packing our cameras and heading off to capture all the special moments and everything in-between. See you soon!

Day of


We will reach out a week before to confirm the details of the previous questionnaire as well as make sure there were no big changes that we should be made aware of. If you have any lingering or new questions about logistics, now is a good time to get those answered.

Week of


The date is closing in and we are really starting to get excited. At this time we will be sending you a final 'wedding details' questionnaire regarding location, contacts, family, etc. This helps us gather all the logistical details of the day in one place at an appropriate time. This is also a great time to schedule a call to go over everything and anything, tie off any loose ends. The final invoice will be sent over email which will be due 2 weeks before your wedding day.

1 month out


If you have booked an engagement session, we highly recommend choosing a date between May and November. While winter has a unique and magical quality, the warmer weather and longer days of Summer really help to create a more comfortable experience. Beyond the weather concerns, it also provides longer amounts of daylight, better quality of light, and longer lasting golden hour. Of course this isn't a hard set rule; if you love the snow and have an incredible coat collection you want to show off, we will happily follow your lead. We also aim to book these sessions on weekdays to avoid large crowds and keep everything as intimate as possible. A questionnaire will be sent to you which asks some important and specific questions to help pick the perfect locations. These galleries are delivered 3-5 weeks after your session.

Engagement Session


Hopefully we were able to connect over a phone call or facetime prior to booking, however if that wasn't the case, we would love to schedule something in the very near future. Creating an open dialog and clear communication early helps everyone get on the same page and excited about the details. We love to help support or create timelines for our clients early on before too many details are set in stone. This is what we start to layout the first we calls after booking. This is also a good chance to see what priorities you have for your celebration and if we can help supply any recommended vendors.





We generally like to arrive right as your hair and makeup appointments are wrapping up. Madeleine will get final coverage of the bridal party during these moments while Elliott photographs any mementos you have prepared; stationery, jewelry, flowers, family heirlooms, etc.


Some grooms prefer to not have themselves photographed during this time which is completely fine, we recommend doing what is right for you. If you'd like coverage, one of us will head to the grooms room during his final moments of getting ready. If the groomsmen are doing an activity that morning like a swim, croquet, or soccer, that is also a wonderful moment to document.


Ceremony lengths can really vary. A church ceremony can be 30-45min while a Catholic mass can be upwards of 45min to 1.5 hrs. Add ample time to greet guests unless you plan to make a quick exit (30 minutes is a good starting point).


Time varies depending on size and family/party combos when capturing family portraits. We recommend keeping combinations to a minimum. Any party larger than 10 can take away time for cocktail hour and/or time for couples portraits. If you have a large family and portraits are a priority, consider having time pre-ceremony to get this done. We highly recommend making sure everyone in this party know the plan for portraits as waiting for someone to arrive or be found can really start to slow down your day.


The amount of locations really decides how long we have for couples portraits. 30 min per location is ideal. Consider how much time you're willing to spend away from your guests. Another popular option is to do your portraits prior to ceremony. We will also pull you for 15 to 20 minutes during sunset/golden hour as this provides the best light and generally becomes our favorite time to shoot. We aim to build the timeline around those 15 mins.

6. RECEPTION : 2 to 6 hours

This point of the day is very unique and should be catered to what matters most to you. Time to spend with your guests, first dance, cake cutting, dancing. You can decide to have coverage of the whole evening or just until the dance floor starts going. 


2:00 Madeleine + Elliott begins coverage
2:15 Bride’s hair and makeup complete
2:30 Bride puts on dress
2:45 Bridal portraits
3:00 Couple First Look & Portraits
4:00 Wedding Party Photos
4:20 Family Photos
4:50 Family Photos End
5:00 Guests arrive for ceremony
5:30 Ceremony
6:00 Cocktail Hour
6:50 Sunset Portraits
7:00 Reception
12:00 Reception Ends

Here is a guide to help breakdown the timing and provide some helpful details when considering a timeline. This includes some key events and factors in the recommended allotted time for photographs.

Building the Timeline

Second Client’s family

- Couple with parents
- Couple with parents & siblings
- Couple with parents, siblings + grandparents
- Couple with immediate + extended families
- Couple with mother
- Couple with father
- Couple  with siblings
- Couple with grandparents
- Second Client with mother
- Second Client with father
- Second Client with siblings
- Second Client with grandparents

First Client’s family

- Couple with parents
- Couple with parents & siblings
- Couple with parents, siblings + grandparents
- Couple with immediate + extended families
- Couple with mother
- Couple with father
- Couple  with siblings
- Couple with grandparents
- First Client with mother
- First Client with father
- First Client with siblings
- First Client with grandparents

Both Families Together

- Couple with all parents
- Couple with all immediate families

This is a list of family combinations to consider. Everyones families are unique and require different approaches. Give us a list of whats important and we will make it happen. We factor in 2 min per combination, so if you would like to keep this time to 20 minutes, limit it to 10 combinations. 

Prior to your wedding day, we suggest asking your family members what photos are important to them. If there are dynamics we should be aware of please let us know in advance. We want to help create a smooth process and create a stress free environment. 

Family Portraits

Portrait Locations

When it comes to portraits, you can trust us to find the perfect locations that create an intimate environment and beautiful scene setting. We only ask you consider what you are most drawn to: nature, trees, beach, field vs urban, architecture, stone, etc. This helps us narrow in what might fit best for you, everyone is different. If you have any specific locations at the venue in mind, we would love to hear about it before hand so we can factor in the necessary travel time. Utilizing the available features and locations on the property is most common, but not required. If you have a distant and special location in mind thats a priority, we will happily work to make it happen. If the timing is too tight, you might want to consider pre-ceremony portrait sessions to save time or even a 'day after/day before' session.

Golden Hour

You have likely seen or heard this phrase mentioned by us at least a dozen times, it's hard to ignore. We are obssesed with light in all of its forms but its hard to beat this time of day. Golden hour is technically the final 40 minutes before the sun dips behind the horizon. It's also the time of day when the light becomes warm and soft on the horizon, nothing is too bright or too dark, and the air starts to feel a little magical. The warmth and softness enhances the photo quality and makes you and everything else look better. This is the ideal shooting time for us and we like to plan everything around it as it fades fast. Golden hour is followed by whats called Blue hour, which is a subtle 15 minutes window right after the sun has set behind the horizon when the sky and everything is set in a beautiful soft blue tone. The 40 minute Golden Hour and 15 mins of Blue Hour are our ideal portrait time.


While we always wish for clear beautiful skies, it doesn't always work out that way. Luckily weather isn't always a bad thing, in fact, rainy shoots can turn out to be our favorite. We always recommend bringing umbrellas and weather-appropriate shoes, while also considering asking makeup artist to stay and do a final touch up after portraits in the rain. We will be sure to find nearby indoor locations with lots of window light but also not being afraid of a little water can result in extremely romantic and fun portrait sessions.

We also love to see clouds in the sky. They provide large, soft coverage for the sun resulting in beautifully soft light the entire day. This results in more consistent lighting conditions and better photographs. Whether rainy, cloudy, or sunny, we will be sure to capture something beautiful and unique. 

Getting Ready Locations

We always recommend and prefer larger spaces when it comes to getting ready locations. Private homes have more options for bedrooms or larger living areas while also having usually giving better light. As we mentioned before, lighting is everything to us and really shapes how the images come out. If you can get ready in front of a large window or in a space that has beautiful natural light, that is much preferred. Try to avoid smaller spaces with overhead lighting if possible and ask your makeup artist to avoid using their own light in favor of a window. 

For those who are traveling for the wedding destination, we always prefer an Airbnb/VRBO over a hotel room. Most hotel rooms don't have unique qualities or spaces to them and can often have pretty bad lighting conditions. We will always accomadate but these are good options to consider. 

Additional Thoughts

We really try to consider all the details when it comes to creating an intimate and thoughtful gallery. Our favorite images have qualities that are reminiscent of earlier generations and bring the nuance that seems to be lost in the current age. This is what defines the timeless and genuine moments that we strive to embody in our work. Considering a phone-free ceremony helps create a more present and genuine atmosphere that can really set the tone for the entire celebration. We recommend using reservation signs to help fill the first couple rows to help avoid gaps in the crowds for ceremony photos. We also prefer having speakers or readers try to print their speeches rather than using an iphone/ipad, this helps create better lighting and avoid a light shining in their eyes. These kinds of details help create an atmosphere of elegance and beauty that will only make both your photos and your day feel more unique.

In an effort to shy away from the modern digital world, an emphasis on the traditional medium of film and physical media is at the forefront of what we do. Our galleries are curated, edited, and delivered in the mindset of printing rather than storing on a digital device. This is what we feel separates our work and intentions as photographers. We highly recommend choosing a select few images to print from the final gallery. Holding a photograph in your hands and using your physical senses to activate your memory has a profound effect. Beyond the joy it can bring to hold something in your hands, prints and custom albums offer a physical heirloom that can be passed down for generations. Traditional practices like shooting on film, printing, and creating physical albums is slowly fading and we hope to have some small hand in inspiring others to keep this practice alive and well. This practice holds a special place in our heart and we love to talk about it with others when we get the chance; if you have any questions or intrigue on the matter, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

We offer custom fine art albums as well as a full range of photographic prints and frames. An album can display a large number of photographs —a 10x10” or 9x12” custom-designed book features approximately 120 images over 30 spreads. The book is bound with your choice of leather, book cloth, or velvet and features thick archival matte paper. Custom prints can also be made and framed from any of the film or digital images in your gallery. These are printed on your choice of matte or luster archival quality paper which look stunning. We have a link that explains these items in more detail. These make great additions to your wedding package, not to mention wonderful gifts for parents and loved ones

printing your photographs

The first thing we like to say when recommending a videographer is to really imagine how you would like your video to feel. Choosing someone who fits your style and energy is very important. Hiring the right person who understands what you want can help complement our work and aesthetic, creating something quite special. 

Unlike photography, video requires a certain level of access and involvement to get the footage needed for a full video. We like a relaxed documentary approach, allowing the day to unfold naturally with minimal direction. Some videographers have extremely different views on what this means. Asking about the footprint needed to create their work is pivotal as some teams bring 3 to 4 people with lighting and several camera angles. This can create an environment that is no longer intimate and can make capturing what we need extremely difficult, if not impossible. Even with a two person video team, you now have two photographers and two video members capturing each moment of the day. This is something to consider when trying to find a balance in being present in your day while capturing the memories you would like to hold.


Advice on selecting a great videographer